The Library being a part of the curriculum, the library of School has become an important tool in the propagation of academic advancement. Our librarians and teachers encourage the children to choose books according to their taste. What cannot be completed in school can be ‘chewed and digested’ at home. We find that our children are improving not only in the subject matter chosen for reading, but also in language- expression, vocabulary and fluency.

Composite Science Lab

The Composite Science Laboratory is also well equipped with all the apparatus and equipment as per the C.B.S.E. syllabus requirements. Students are directed and encouraged to undertake experiments themselves, though supervision is done by experienced and trained faculty members.

Music Room

In addition to the school curriculum, there are a group of qualified music teachers who take individual music classes on a variety of instruments. Students are encouraged to participate whenever the occasion arises. 

Computer Lab

The Computer literary is promoted through state of the art computer labs from the kinder garden to all higher classes. Internet facility being available, students are encouraged to refer to the information available on the net on specific assignments related to their syllabi.